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Henry Bartell "Pat" Zachry

September 27, 1901 – September 5, 1984

My Philosophy-

“I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon if I can. I seek opportunity – not security. I will refuse to be a kept citizen, to be humbled and dulled by having my state and nation look after me. I want to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed – never to be numbered among those weak and timid souls who have known neither victory nor defeat. I know that happiness can come only from the inside through hard constructive work and sincere positive thinking. I know that the so-called pleasures of the moment should not be confused with a state of happiness. I know that I can get a measure of inner satisfaction from any job if I intelligently plan and courageously execute it. I know that, if I put forth every iota of strength that I possess – physical, mental, spiritual – toward the accomplishment of a worthwhile task ere I fall exhausted by the wayside, the Unseen Hand will reach out and pull me through. Yes, I want to live dangerously, plan my procedures on the basis of calculated risks, to resolve the problems of everyday living into a measure of inner peace. I know if I know how to do all this, I will know how to live and, if I know how to live, I will know how to die.”


A Legacy of Success

In our third generation of family leadership, Zachry Hospitality is the newest organization within Zachry Corporation, a privately-owned construction and materials company with a legacy of success, earned by seeking opportunity, not security.

In the decades since, we completed our first project in 1924, Zachry has pioneered techniques that have become the basis of modern civil and commercial construction. In 1968, the H.B. Zachry Company built Hilton Palacio del Rio hotel. Using an innovative modular building system, we designed, completed and occupied the 21-story hotel in an unprecedented period of 202 working days. From schools and university buildings to healthcare facilities and hotels, Zachry uses cutting-edge processes to create structures that make a difference. 

In 1999, Zachry renovated San Antonio's original train depot, Historic Sunset Station, transforming the vacant buildings into a vibrant multi-use destination, and investing in the sustained economic revitalization of the area. In 2007, Zachry built the Staybridge Suites Downtown Convention Center hotel in Historic Sunset Station. Our ability to build and maintain infrastructure complements our financial stability and strong private and public partnerships.

In 2008, Zachry Hospitality was formed in a realignment of the enterprise's activities. We shifted management of Hilton Palacio del Rio (2008), Historic Sunset Station (2007), and Staybridge Suites Downtown (2012), from franchise to managed and owned. Our tenure in the profitable management and development of high-quality hospitality assets provides a strong foundation as we pursue new opportunities.

Currently, Zachry Hospitality has transforming 

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